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The quest for the best butter tarts in Canada led us to Goderich, Ontario where we found Culbert’s Bakery: ‘the home of the tasty pastry’.

Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Huron, at the mouth of the Maitland River, is the picturesque little town of Goderich, Ontario. Goderich is a popular destination for tourists who are looking for a weekend getaway where they can enjoy the natural beauty, the gorgeous beaches, great restaurants, and unique shopping. Considered to be the ‘prettiest town in Canada’, Goderich is a wonderful place to visit for a day trip.

In the town centre is the Goderich Courthouse, located in an octagonal designed ‘town square’. Poking out from the town square are the main streets of Goderich, radiating out like the spokes on a wheel. This is where you will find Culbert’s Bakery. They are a good old-fashioned bakery with an amazing selection of classic treats and custom-made desserts. They have delicious cookies, cream puffs, donuts, cakes, various tarts, and much more.

butter tarts on display at the Culbert's Bakery in Goderich. Roguetrippers buttertartquest.

We couldn’t commit to just one flavour, so we picked up a selection of their various tarts, and you will want to as well. These are the type of butter tarts you probably grew up on.



The pastry is very light, but also thick and flaky. I forgot to ask them but based on the texture, my guess is that they are made with lard as they were a touch on the greasy and soft side, but not too bad. The lightness extended to the flavour as well. The crust was not overpowering at all, and just a nice vessel to distribute the filling.


The filling in these butter tarts is very sweet, gooey, and buttery. They have a decadent taste and creamy smooth texture that just coats your tongue. There is the right amount of ‘ooze’, and the filling will slowly pour out without dripping down your hand as you eat. Each tart had just a few raisins inside, and they were plump and juicy – not dark and dry. The raisins definitely did not distract from the experience for me as a person who does not like them.  People who love raisins in your butter tarts, will not be disappointed.

A crystallized sugar nugget will greet you as you bite into the tart. This enhances the overall enjoyment of the butter tart.

Overall Experience

The butter tarts from Culbert’s Bakery were a great indulgence. The taste and texture of this butter tart were quite enjoyable. This is a classic butter tart that will not disappoint. Other flavours they have are a raisin, pecan, and walnut.

A day trip to the beautiful and historic town of Goderich is a perfect way to spend a day or weekend getaway. While you are there, be sure to stop into the local landmark of Culbert’s bakery and treat yourself to some of their delicious baked goods. We are glad we made the trip to Goderich for our Butter Tart Quest.

Culberts bakery in Goderich, Ontario was a great place for the Roguetrippers to visit for the butter tart quest
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You can find Culbert’s bakery at 49 West St, Goderich, ON N7A 2K3

As always, my reviews of the buttertarts are based on my own experiences, expectations, and personal preferences. 


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