Offbeat Adventures


I am not a Killer. Roguetrippers at the Evil Dead the Musical in Concord New Hampshire, in 2017Follow along as we embark on some offbeat travel adventures.  We will explore abandoned buildings, weird museums, haunted places,  ghost towns, and unusual roadside attractions.

If you have ever wondered about buildings that have been left to Urban decay, or towns where everything is boarded up, Musems that are specific to unusual artefacts, or those weird and wonderful statues and sculptures that you may find during a road trip… well, we help guide you to some of these attractions.

Sometimes the best travel and tourism stories come from the weirdest places.

At Roguetrippers, nothing makes us happier on vacation than discovering the unexpected. Our idea of a delightful vacation must include weird museums dedicated to bizarre things, hidden gems that you might never think about visiting, cryptozoology, and embracing the offbeat attractions.

Let your inner freak flag fly, and join us as we discover some of the most offbeat adventures on our road trips.

Rogue_Trippers visit the ghost town of Metropolis, Nevada
Metropolis, Nevada ghost town