Roguetrippers visited Norway during a cruise in August 2018 on board the Norwegian Cruiseline.Cruising can be a fantastic vacation option for many people.

Whatever your travel personality is, taking a cruise is a fun, exciting, and relaxing way to see the world. It is like an all-inclusive resort and a road trip (on water, of course) in one. We have grown to really love cruising as a vacation choice, and we want to help you make the most out of your next (or first) cruise vacation with tips and tricks, destinations, excursions, and much more. Taking a cruise has something for everyone.

We have had the pleasure of cruising with Norwegian cruise lines on many occasions, and our travel partners have done Disney and Princess.
Whatever your preferences are, there is a cruise line to suit your family’s needs, and cruise destinations that are sure to excite and enthral.

Roguetrippers travel and tourism blog will help to break down some of the myths of cruising, some tips for planning a cruise, what to expect when you are on board, and ways to make the most out of your cruise vacation.