Buttertart Quest


Roguetrippers butter tart quest lead them to the Grove Farm ShopButtertart quest – the search for the best butter tarts.

We want to make your road trips a little sweeter, one butter tart at a time.

If you love butter tarts as much as we do, you will want to follow along on our butter tart quest to find the best butter tarts around. No road trip for us is complete without making stops along the way to visit local bakeries to try their butter tarts, an iconic Canadian treat.

From small towns to the big cities, there are so many little gems we find as we travel the country. From coast to coast, we make stops at some amazing bakeries on our road trip travel adventures. We are on the quest to find the best butter tarts, but we love Doughnuts, too.

So be sure to travel with us we discover some fantastic sweet treats.