48 Hour Itineraries


48 – Hour itineraries

The best short-stay vacations and Day Trip Destinations

How much vacation can you have with only 48 hours to spend?

Travel is a luxury, and we often must make the most of our time to get as much out of our vacation days as possible. If you only have 48 hours (or less) to visit a city, our 48-hour itineraries will help you make the most of your short stay.

We have made many short-stay vacations, and we can pack a lot into our 24 or 48-hour itineraries. We can suggest many tips for taking advantage of a long layover or a weekend getaway to help you maximize your travel budget & time.

So, the next time you plan a road trip or have a flight layover, get out and enjoy a mini vacation. Explore the local sites and attractions, visit a museum or two, discover hidden gems, and enjoy local restaurants during your 48-hour itinerary in this new city.

Many ‘layover cities’ are now offering layover options when you book your flights. If your flight isn’t direct, why not add in a short visit to the layover city? Airport hub cities are perfect for 48-hour itineraries.
Delta – Atlanta; West Jet – Calgary;  Emirates airline: Dubai; Iceland Air – Reykjavik, etc.

48 – hour itineraries made easy

How do you do a short stay? How do you get around? Are these spots walkable? Do you need to rent a car? Do they have a Hop-on, Hop-off bus? Where are the hot spots that you must visit? Which areas of the city should you focus on seeing?