Sweet Rogue Trips

Follow along on our Sweet Rogue Trips as we travel around looking for the sweetest reason for a road trip. Donuts, Butter Tarts, Cinnamon Buns and more.
Roguetrippers Sweet RogueTrips

Discover some sweet spots on your next road trip.

Roguetrippers believe life is too short to skip dessert – so we look for the best sweet treats whenever we travel.

Discover the best doughnut shops, ice cream parlours, bakeries, cupcakeries, candy shops, and more. Take a tour of the candy factory. Visit a town known for its chocolates. Go on a tasting tour of the best ice cream parlours.
Many areas are known for their dessert or sweet treats, so take a tour and compare the goodies on the road as you explore the destination.

Enjoy the sweet side of life… and indulge in Sweet Rogue Trips.