By George – He’s Got It!

In October of 2018, our butter tart quest took us on a day trip to Paris, Ontario for the All Canadian Events annual Butter tart festival at the Paris Fairgrounds. Here, we discovered a bakery by the name of “By George – He’s Got it”.

Based out of Niagara Falls, Chef George Trbulin and his team have created a very popular line of tarts, that seem to be a huge hit at the Butter Tart Festival. When we arrived at the Paris Fairgrounds, there were people standing in long lines waiting to get their butter tarts. Near the end of the festival there were very few bakeries with tarts left, and By George was running low as well, making them even more popular as the festival was winding down.

With so many people wanting to get tarts By George, we wanted to see what the fuss was all about as well. We got in line, and after about 15 minutes we were able to place our order. They had 3 different kinds (plain, walnut, and a chocolate pecan) so we got a 6 pack with 2 of each to try.


The pastry on these tarts is light and flaky. It is not overly flavourful on its own, which means it does not take over or dominate the overall taste of the butter tart. They are evenly baked to a nice golden brown without over baking, burning, or getting dried out. The thickness of the crust is nice. It is just thick enough to hold the filling in, without being too much pastry in each bite.
There is more of a cakey texture to the crust than I am used to, but it does hold the filling in nicely, without crumbling or cracking.



The filling in the plain butter tart is really good. It is a nice, sweet, buttery tasting filling that is quite delicious. It has a smooth creamy consistency but a firmer texture with very little ooze. There is a slight ooze factor which takes a while to occur, making it a great tart for walking and eating. You won’t have to worry about the filling dripping down your arm, creating a mess.

Crust to Filling Ratio:

The ratio of filling to the crust in these butter tarts is good. The filling is about ¾ of the way up the crust. You get a good balance of filling and pastry in every bite.

Overall Experience

I really enjoyed these tarts. They were a nice sweet treat that I would definitely have again, and recommend to other butter tart lovers…

However, in the version with the nuts, I noticed a slightly bitter taste. I worked hard to determine where it was coming from, and my best guess is the nuts. When I removed the nuts, I did not get this taste. When I bit in with them in the tart, the bitterness was present. I did NOT have this same experience with the plain or the chocolate pecan tarts which were delightful.

*I only mention this in an effort to be honest and show fairness in my butter tart judging.

I have never heard of “By George – He’s Got It!” before the Paris Butter tart festival. I am unaware if they have an actual store where you purchase them. Perhaps they are strictly a catering business that makes butter tarts. If you do the butter tart festival circuit as we do, then maybe you will find By George- He’s Got IT! butter tarts to try for yourself.

If you know of a bakery that has some amazing butter tarts that I need to know about, I would love to hear from you.   Connect with us here.


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