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WhiteTail Bakery – Butter Tart Quest

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WhiteTail Bakery

at the Rockwood Farmer’s Market

If you are not from central Ontario, you may not know where the town of Rockwood is. The small village is in Guelph Eramosa township just east of Guelph, north of Milton, and about 1-hour drive west of Toronto. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, camper, or hiker, you will want to become familiar with Rockwood and plan your visit.

Rockwood, ON

Visitors from far and wide come to Rockwood to experience the natural beauty of the Rockwood Conservation Area – a popular recreation spot for campers, hikers, boaters, and picnic enthusiasts. The park boasts impressive views and natural wonders such as caves, limestone cliffs, the beautiful waters of the Eramosa River, glacial bluffs, and over 200 glacial potholes throughout the area. The conservation area is also home to the Harris Woollen Mill ruins – the remains of a 19th-century woollen mill and a popular backdrop for wedding & engagement photos.

We have lived in Guelph for over 20 years and enjoyed many afternoon hikes throughout this tranquil local spot. Not to mention recognizing her beauty in movies like Cheaper by The Dozen 2 (amongst others). A day trip to Rockwood should be on your radar if you enjoy being out in nature, exploring geological wonders, and doing outdoor activities.

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Rockwood Farmers Market

There is nothing quite like a trip to a local farmer’s Market during the height of the growing and harvest seasons. Whether you are on vacation, exploring other communities on a day trip, or just sticking around your local area, it is the perfect outing. You can always count on many options for farm fresh produce, meats & cheeses, baked goods, food vendors, and fresh-cut flowers to brighten your home. You also meet the makers, growers, and farmers who produce the food and items you purchase.

Photo: Shari Lavell Rockwood Farmer's Market


Thank you, Instagram

Instagram introduces us to some delightful discoveries. One day a suggested post came up in my feed and directed my attention to the creative world of White Tail Bakery. I was in love with the beauty and artistry of their baked goods and knew I needed to check them out. I started following them and realized many people claimed them to be the best place for baked goods in Guelph Area.

White Tail bakery posted they would be at the Rockwood Farmer’s Market on Wednesday. I didn’t even know there was a Rockwood farmers market until that moment. The Market began a few years back, and while small, it is worth a visit. They are open Wednesdays between 4-7 pm, giving you the perfect farmers market experience without a Saturday morning crowd.

In the town of Rockwood, at the Rockwood Farmer’s Market, we found the latest entry in our Butter Tart Quest.


Visit the WhiteTail Bakery at the Rockwood Farmer's Market

WhiteTail Bakery

Matt-Sam Wood is the owner of (and creative genius behind) WhiteTail Bakery. He operates a by-appointment and pop-up bakery & food truck that you will find at the Rockwood Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings. He makes everything with “no fillers or questionable ingredients” and focuses on locally sourced ingredients.


The WhiteTail Bakery Butter TartsRoguetrippers take their Butter Tart Quest to White Tail Bakery at the Rockwood Farmers market

Some flavour options available at WhiteTail Bakery are plain, raisin, mixed nuts, maple, chocolate bits, and seasonal flavours like peach-whisky and pumpkin.


Appearancebest bakeries in Guelph Ontario

These butter tarts are well-crafted and evenly baked. The slight variations in appearance between the pastries demonstrate that they are hand-rolled and pressed. The crust is lightly golden, and the filling is beautifully caramelized.


CrustRoguetrippers Butter Tart Quest WhiteTail Bakery

The pastry is very light and flaky. It is delicate enough to melt in your mouth but sturdy enough to hold up as you eat them. The delicious buttery-flavoured pastry has a wonderful taste, texture, flavour, and delightful finish.


FillingGooey Butter tart filling from WhiteTail Bakery at the Rockwood Farmers Market

How can a filling be gooey and gelatinous at the same time? I don’t know, but this is.
The filling is so buttery, creamy, & smooth, with a velvety mouthfeel. The brown sugar buttery flavour is on point. The sweetness is there, but it is not an overly sweet taste. It is just the right amount of sweetness to enjoy.


Crust To Filling Ratio

Everything about this tart is well thought out, including proportions. The crust isn’t too thick to be pasty or too thin to be crumbly. The filling is plentiful but not so much that it spills over.


Overall experience

This is a delightful butter tart. This is an excellent option if you want a lovely butter tart to bring home to your family. Everything about this is enjoyable. You can eat it as you walk or in the car on the way home without fear of making a mess. There is just a hint of oozing of the filling to get that mouth feel we enjoy with a butter tart.

Visit the Rockwood Farmers market for the Iconic Canadian Treat - Butter tarts from WhiteTail Bakery


While we visited WhiteTail Bakery, we also purchased some of his hand-decorated sugar cookies – which had a tip of Rockwood Farmer's Market Sugar Cookiesthe hat to the Rockwood Farmer’s Market. They are gorgeous. The chocolate and cranberry biscotti are light, crisp, and delicious. His almond plum tarts are mildly sweet, with juicy plum slices and a rich shortbread crust. Nick’s biggest regret was not getting more of these.

I cannot emphasize enough – the sheer beauty, craftsmanship, and artistry that is WhiteTail Bakery.  It is one of the best bakeries In the Guelph area. Check out their Instagram. His tagline is delicious, simple, and beautiful, and he does not disappoint. Everything he makes – cookies, tarts, cupcakes, custom cakes- looks too good to eat. However, trust me, they taste even better.

WhiteTail Bakery Food Truck in Rockwood Farmers Market near Guelph.Look for WhiteTail Bakery at Rockwood Farmer’s Market (from June to October), at a local festival, or by ordering online for pickup. Your sweet tooth will thank you.


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*note: All butter tart reviews are the opinions of Roguetrippers only, based on our experiences and personal preferences. Your opinions may vary. If you know of a bakery making Ontario’s Best butter tarts, we would love to hear from you. Let us know about them, so we can plan a future road trip to check them out and include them in our #ButterTartQuest.

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