The Origins of Roguetrippers

Welcome to, we hope you enjoy the ride.

We began Roguetrippers as a way to share our love for travel with a focus on the offbeat adventures that motivate and excite us. By sharing our stories of the places we go and the things we do, we hope you, the reader, are inspired to think outside of the box when you plan your own travels. When we travel, we have always been drawn to unusual destinations, roadside attractions, and unique eateries along the way.

Our goal with Roguetrippers is to highlight these destinations, provide you with an honest review, and encourage you to check them out as well. There is a great big world out there, with so much to see and do – and we want to encourage you to discover something you have never seen before. Everybody has their own ‘travel personality and we hope you find something here, that will inspire you to pack a bag and explore.

On average, we take about 2 major (1-2 weeks), 2 minor (<1 week), and several weekend trips per year, not to mention the many day trips we throw in as “weekend warriors”. After every one of our trips, friends and family would ask us about our travels, and without fail we would be met with “How do you find these places?” We seemed to be developing a bit of a reputation for our shenanigans, and more and more people would take an interest in our travel stories. People would ask us to help them plan out their own travel itineraries, so they could enjoy the type of adventures that we did. This was the very beginning of what is to become. A place where you can see potential in the most unlikely places, you can plan a vacation based on places that appeal to you, or you can just sit back and enjoy our wild ride.

Nick & Greg of Roguetrippers visit a lake at Mount Saint Helens in Washington before a cruise to Alaska
Roguetrippers in Washington

Everybody loves a road trip, right? We definitely do, and as the name implies, road trips will feature quite prominently in this blog and we want to help you make the most of yours. Whether you are an intrepid traveller or someone who just dreams of taking off on adventures, we will help you navigate your way through some of the most offbeat, unusual, and unique places in the world. We will guide you to great places to eat, hotels you should stay at, bars and lounges for the best cocktails, local craft breweries, which city walking tours are worth your time and money, and much more. We have a passion for travel, and we are adventurous spirits who are willing to try anything once.

We welcome you to share your own travel stories, your questions, and comments with us, and feel free to share suggestions on our future adventures. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to your feedback.

So… Where do you want to go? Let’s hit the road, and start exploring.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

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