The Great Guelph Pumpkin Patch

In the autumn, there is nothing better than getting the family together and go for a day trip to a local pumpkin patch to find those beautiful gourds for your Thanksgiving decorations or dinner table. One of the best places to do that in Guelph / Eramosa area is Strom’s Farm & Bakery.

Strom’s Farm & Bakery is a trendy destination for locals and a day trip destination for visitors to the Guelph area who are looking to enjoy annual family traditions of corn mazes, apple cider, pumpkin picking, and taking family photos in iconic autumnal scenes. Strom’s has it all, and more.

Located just on the outer edge of the City of Guelph, Strom’s farm has a bakery and market that opens to the public mid-summer where you can buy farm-fresh produce, as well as many amazing baked goods including cookies, pies, scones, and of course butter tarts. They have a large variety of flavours of their butter tarts, including butter, pecan, raisin, haskap berry, & chocolate pecan. RogueTrippers tried them all, but for the purpose of this butter tart quest, we are referring to the raisin tarts.


The crust on these butter tarts is a nice, light, flaky pastry with a delicate taste. The pastry is there to provide the vessel for delivering the goo, and in the case of Strom’s butter tarts, the crust does not overpower the whole tart. The crust is thick enough to be strong and firm, but not so thick that it is all you taste. The butter tarts have a nice floral shape and appearance in the way they are baked, which creates a beautiful presentation.


The filling is very thick, sweet, and golden. There is a nice crust on top. The filling is mostly gelatinous and thick, but there is a slight hint of that smooth, gooey filling that I look for.
The flavour was good. It has the sweetness you look for, and there are not too many raisins in the filling that dominate the flavour. There is just a hint of raisin flavour and texture when you bite into the butter tart.

Crust To filling Ratio:

The crust to filling ratio on these butter tarts is near perfect. The filling comes up about 90% of the way up the tart shell and does not settle back down. The generous amount of filling is nicely balanced by the size of the tart, and the thickness of the crust.


The butter tarts made by Strom’s Farm and Bakery are a very nice, enjoyable tart. While the filling doesn’t quite have the ooze factor that I crave, if you are walking around Strom’s farm picking out a pumpkin, or enjoying one of their outdoor autumn activities, this would be a good thing. You can eat the tart, and not worry about having sticky butter tart goo drip down your arm. Enjoy your day at Strom’s Farm.

Strom’s farm is a fantastic day trip destination during the summer and fall. Lucky for us, Strom’s is close to home, so a visit to the farm is easily done many times throughout their season, not much of a drive for us. You will definitely want to come for their Annual Fall Harvest Fun. You will want to take part in their famous corn maze. Enjoy picking out your pumpkins. Buy some locally grown produce. Have Fun.

So…when do you plan your visit?

Roguetrippers enjoyed the butter tarts at Strom's Farm & Bakery in Guelph. #Buttertartquest

Strom’s Farm & Bakery is located at 5089 Wellington Rd 32, Guelph, ON.


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