Farm-tastic Fun

at Snyder’s Family Farm

A visit to Snyder’s Family Farm in the town of Bright, ON provides you and your family with a day full of fun down on the farm. With so many activities, adventures, food trucks, and attractions throughout the year, you will want to make plans to spend time in the country.


They have several play areas for the children, including tree forts playland, a tyke track and peddle cart track, straw castles, a giant jump pillow, and much more. There are farm animals to observe in their generous and well-designed enrichment play areas. We have spent many hours just watching the pigs and being entertained by the goats as they frolic on their colossal jungle gym.

Autumn is when Snyder’s family farm really comes alive. In the fall, the harvest activities are plentiful. You will want to pick your own pumpkin from their 14-acre patch, test your skills with their 5-acre corn maze, check out their fear farm, and haunted house, and enjoy fun hayrides. They also have a cute home décor shop in their barn that is full of seasonal items to decorate your house and yard. This is one of the best farm adventures near the Kitchener Waterloo area.

And then there is the bakery.

the bakery at Snyder's Farm is a favourite destination in Oxford CountyIt’s no secret that we love a sweet treat. We have made many day trips based on excellent bakeries we have heard about from friends, family, and social media posts. So, when we find a bakery going above and beyond our hopes and expectations, we make sure to check them out so we can get our sugar fix with quality items. Snyder’s Family Farm is one such place. Every season, we try to make frequent visits to sink our teeth into some of their delicious treats fresh out of the oven, making it a perfect stop to visit for our butter tart quest:


Butter Tarts

Roguetrippers' Butter tart quest - Snyders Family FarmThe bakery makes various delicious flavours that will please any butter tart lover, including classic tart, apple caramel, Skor, pumpkin butter, and s’more butter. Their seasonal flavours are something to look forward to, as well.


Pretty little florets shape, evenly baked, with some slight overflow of the filling. There is never a bad one in the bunch.


CrustRoguetrippers enjoy the butter tarts from Snyder's Family Farm 2020
The pastry is very light, flaky, moist, soft, and delicate.

The filling in these butter tarts is soft, creamy, and buttery. The filling is sweet but not overly sweet. **


Crust to filling ratiovariety of butter tart flavours at Snyders Farm in Bright, Ontario
The filling is right up to the top of the crust with occasional overflow. There is often an air pocket in the centre, but the appearance is always to the top.



Overall Experience
These are lovely light tarts. They are handmade from scratch, and that creates slight variations from tart to tart. There is no sugary nugget on the bottom, nor are they overly sweet. The butter tarts are just a delicious tart full of the flavours that you are expecting. They are a nice easy-eating treat that is perfect for enjoying the go as you explore the farm.


Spring 2021 butter tarts sampler pack from Snyders Family Farm were a lot of fun
Easter 2021

** Their Spring 2021 seasonal butter tarts have a runner, oozier filling than their regular butter tarts have had in the past– taking these decadent tarts over the top! Even more so than just being covered in chocolate, mini eggs, Skor topping, caramel, etc. You will want a plate for these beauties.



Beyond the butter tarts

Everything they make here is enormous. When you visit Snyder’s Family Farm, you might want to bring a plastic knife to cut the items you buy so you can share them with your partner. You will never be disappointed with the proportions you get. Some of our favourite things:

                  • The cinnamon buns are colossal. They make them in 4 flavours: regular, harvest apple, peaches and cream, and seasonally – pumpkin spice. Each is slathered in tons of decadent icing. We never leave without a cinnamon bun for the ride home. These are the BEST cinnamon buns you will ever have.
                  • Their pies are always amazing here – and come in regular and cutie-pie sizes. S’mores pie is to die for.
                  • Whoopie pies – wow – SO decadent. The flavours are on point. During the fall, you will want to enjoy the taste of the season-pumpkin spice.
                  • Cookies, brownies, and other sweet treats are also plentiful. Their Brownies are so good that even I – who hates chocolate (IYKYK) have learned to love brownies. We now buy many brownies and freeze them for later.

Pandemic Pivot

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was at the very beginning of ‘season’ for many businesses, especially those specializing in agri-tourism. With so much uncertainty, Snyder’s remained closed for much of the 2020 season; and cancelled some activities as well. It was undoubtedly devastating for a family-owned business that relies heavily on tourists.

As the season progressed, they began online ordering with curbside pick-up options for their bakery items. In their autumn season, they opened other aspects of their business with stringent covid protocols of hand sanitizing, masks, social distancing, and 6-foot rules in place. A new addition to their farm is socially distant sunset campfires, which required reservations, and they were an automatic hit last year.


Stay up to date on what’s happening on the farm by connecting with them on Instagram


Pre-order for pick-up

As the 2021 season is just beginning at Snyder’s Family Farm, the online ordering & curbside pick-up for the bakery is already up and running, and they are looking forward to a better season this year. I was speaking with the bakery manager about their plans (hopes) for the season. It sounds like they will have some fantastic things in store for visitors this year. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the many baked goods that they are making in their bakery with their Saturday pick-ups. Just place your orders in plenty of time by clicking here.

Nick Kulnies of Roguetrippers Poses in front of the Snyder's Farm Sign Every Year we visit.
Snyder’s Family Farm

You can find Snyder’s Family Farm & Fear Farm at:
936685 Blenheim Rd, Bright, ON N0J 1B0

Fear Farm highlights:

*note: All butter tart reviews are our opinions only, based on our experiences and personal preferences. Your experiences and opinions may vary.

If you know of a great bakery making what you think are Ontario’s Best butter tarts, we would love to hear from you. Let us know about them, so we can plan a future road trip to check them out, and include them in our #ButterTartQuest.                           Contact Roguetrippers with your suggestions.


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