If you are like me, you might HATE the thought of leaving your pooch at home when you travel. As more people travel with their pets, more hotels are becoming pet-friendly making it more manageable to bring your furry friend along. Many hotels charge a pet fee, some per night, some per stay. Hotels may also have a limit on a number of pets or on the size of dogs – it is best to connect with the hotel directly to find out their pet policy.

Some things to consider – where you are going will there be a safe place to leave Fido if your day’s plans are not pet-friendly? Leaving your pooch in the car can be a dangerous option and not every dog will settle comfortably in a hotel room (and not all hotels will allow a pet to be left unattended). Although having our pets along is a joy, they can make travel more challenging.

Frequent stops will be necessary to let Fido stretch his legs and relieve himself. Many roadside stops have small grassy areas where you can take your pooch.

Pet Safety Concerns:

Keep your pooch safe in the car! Dogs are at risk in an accident, and like us, they should be properly secured. A safety tested crate bolted down to your vehicle, is ideal. If space does not permit there are crash-tested harnesses that work with your vehicle’s seatbelts. Ensure your harness has gone through crash testing, not many of the models currently on the market have!

Pet-friendly travelling includes getting the dogs out for exercise.

What to pack for your Pet:

Pack the essentials. Ensure you have plenty of food and treats, as well as toys, poo bags, an extra leash and collar, harness, etc. If your dog has a sensitive tummy, you may want to consider bringing water from home along. Make sure your pooch has up to date ID tags and that they are firmly attached to the collar/harness. Bringing a bed from home can help make your pooch feel comfortable and secure in new settings.

Packing for a road trip with your dog.

With some advance planning and proper preparation, you and Fido can enjoy hitting the open road!

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