Checking in to Hotel Doggo

Tips for finding the best Pet-Friendly hotel options

Finding the right hotel is essential for any trip, but even more so when travelling with your dog. Like many people, I use an online app to search for hotel options. There are tons of great ones, I choose They have a wide range of options (they are owned by Expedia, so you are tapping into that vast network), and their prices are good – occasionally a few dollars higher than other apps, but that is more than ameliorated by their “stay 10 nights, get one free night” reward program, and most importantly for me, you can easily filter results by “pet friendly”.

What does ‘Pet-Friendly’ really mean?

“Pet-Friendly hotel’ can mean a wide variety of things, from “will grudgingly accept your pet for an additional charge, but will be unfriendly about it” to truly “we welcome your pet wholeheartedly, oh yeah, you too 😊”. There are a few things to be aware of, and a few hints to help you find a TRULY pet-welcoming abode on your travels.

  • When comparing hotels, I am always looking for the best price for a good room. It took me quite some time to figure out that just choosing the cheapest option, once hotels were filtered to only show “pet-friendly” hotels was no guarantee of the best price. I would often be surprised by high pet fees or additional deposits. So now I sort by price (low to high) and filter by “pet-friendly” AND when I narrow down to a few options I go to “further information on this property” and look up pet fees and deposits. There is sometimes a correlation between pet fees and overall pet welcoming-ness – but not always. Some of the best and most welcoming places we have stayed have had a pet fee. There are some chains, like Red Roof Inn or La Quinta who are reliably pet-friendly without fees. (NOTE – some La Quinta’s are no longer as welcoming, or are charging fees, or have limited pet rooms).
  • Notify the hotel ahead of time that you have a dog. Many hotels have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms, so be sure they know you are travelling with your furry buddy.
  • Declare your pet at check-in. Many hotels have punitive fees for retroactively finding out you have a pet with you. It is really not worth skulking around to avoid being caught :).

I LOVE travelling with my pets and 100% of the time my guys are model hotel guests. As always, clean up after your pooch. Keep them contained and quiet so everyone can continue to enjoy bringing them along 😊.

Pro Pet-Friendly travel tips:
  • Bring your own blanket to cover the bed so you minimize the pet hair left behind. This will encourage hotels to continue to be welcoming to your pooch.
  • Leave the “do not disturb” sign on your room. This will prevent people from coming in and startling your pet (and themselves!)Do not disturb sign helps prevent barking
  • Leave the TV on at a moderate volume to help block out outside noises that may encourage your pooch to bark.
  • Always contain your dog if they are being left in the room. Travel with an appropriate (and safe) kennel to ensure they are safe, and so is the room!  We use foldable dog crates for comfort, convenience, and portability.

    a foldable crate is perfect for a road trip with your dog. This is the type Roguetrippers use when they travel with their dogs.
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Pet-Friendly hotel options:

There are many pet-friendly hotels to choose from. Doing a little research before your trip will help you locate the best places to stay with your dog on a road trip. Common chain pet-friendly hotels include Westin, La Quinta, RedRoof Inn, and Super 8. Check out some of the unique individual properties in various cities and towns as well, for some great dog-friendly stays on your next vacation.


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