Go All-In on a trip to Macau

Macau is also called the Las Vegas of South East ASia


If you enjoy a vacation to Vegas, undoubtedly, you will love Macau. Which is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia.”

This little, albeit amazing city is located on a narrow peninsula in China’s southern coastal area. It is approximately 37 miles west of Hong Kong. It has a reputation for having beautiful world-class casinos, attracting American professional poker players like Daniel Cates and Phil Ivey.  However, gaming is only one small part of the attraction – the fascinating town has so much more to offer.

Every year, millions of people from around the world go to Macau to explore its rich history, visit the sites, and enjoy the great architectural marvels. According to Statista, 7.7 million tourists visited Macau in 2021, which shows that, just like in Vegas, tourism is a very big business for the city.

If you’re ready for a trip to Macau, here are some tips to help you get an all-in experience.


The Venetian hotel is one of the top hotels and Casinos to visit when you are in Macau.


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The Venetian Macau

Macau has some of the most luxurious casinos in the world, and if you’re going to go all-in, go for the biggest one, The Venetian Macau. The casino was modelled after her sister property in Las Vegas, only significantly bigger. It was also designed with the same romantic theme of the streets and canals of Venice but has 10.5 million sq ft of floor space, more than 1 million sq ft of exhibition space, 3,000 hotel rooms and is the world’s largest casino. If you’re not into gaming, there’s shopping, dining, boating, and entertainment, among other things, to be enjoyed.



St Paul's Ruins are a must-visit when you travel to Macau

St. Paul’s Ruins

Whilst Macau may be known for casinos, it is also an area richly steeped in culture and history. One of the top things to do in Macau after you cash out at the casino is to visit St. Paul’s Ruins, which is known for being one of the most significant colonial relics of the city. This Spanish-style building was constructed from 1602 to 1640 by Jesuit priests who were on a mission to spread Catholicism throughout the region. The site once included St. Paul’s College, as well as the Church of St. Paul. However, today only some parts of the beautiful old church remain. If you visit this place, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as it resides beside shops and restaurants that you will definitely enjoy.



The Macau Tower is a beautiful site on the city skyline and one of the best attractions in Macau

Macau Tower

If you want to see an amazing 360-degree view of the Macau peninsula, go and visit the Macau Tower. This structure is one of the most notable towers on the Macau skyline. A trip to the observation deck and the Skypark are sure to give anyone unique thrills. Aside from enjoying the views, you can also take an outdoor stroll around the outer rim of the tower. This is a breathtaking 764ft up in the air. If you are daring and crave an ultimate rush, try the AJ Hackett Bungy Jump and experience a free fall off the Macau Tower. Whatever you choose, the Macau Tower will be a sky-high adventure you’ll never forget!



Fortaleza do Monte is one the most visited sites

Fortaleza do Monte

One of Macau’s most visited tourist spots is the Fortaleza do Monte. Originally, this site was built by the Jesuits between 1617 and 1626 and served as an ancient military base. Visitors can see the giant steel cannons, which have long since lost their military purpose. However, they are now a testimony of Macau’s old relics and history. In the centre part of Fortaleza do Monte is the Macau Museum, which has more amazing relics and stories for visitors to enjoy.

Macau is always one of the top places to visit in the world.  The city immerses tourists in its rich history and embraces them with its present marvels.

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Contributed by James Kay


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