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Evil Dead The Musical – the road trip

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Join Us…


…for an Evil Dead the musical road trip

Every year my best friends, my husband, and I do a pilgrimage to see a different production of “Evil Dead the Musical”, complete with multiple sets of matching t-shirts. You know, as one does. No? Just us? Huh. Interesting.


“Cabin in the woods…ooh ya”

My personal affinity (obsession?) with Evil Dead began when my older brother and his best friend watched (and re-watched) the Evil Dead movies starring Bruce Campbell. Like most younger siblings, I DESPERATELY wanted to be like my super cool older brother, so if he liked these movies, then so did I! Never one for scary movies, the Evil Dead trilogy (and particularly the second two) struck that perfect balance between scary and ridiculous and I LOVED THEM.

Years later, when I heard they had been made into a musical, I was DYING to go. At that time, it was only playing in Toronto, which seemed inaccessible from my Prairie province life in my impoverished early twenties. I remember emailing my bro to tell him about it; how cool would it be to see it together?! (Spoiler alert…we never have).

Fast forward a few more years when I moved to Guelph and met (and attached myself) to my new “family ” and closest friends, Nick and Greg. One night Evil Dead came up in conversation (as it does?), and THEY HAD SEEN THE MUSICAL! Ahhh….so in my first year in Ontario, we decided to drive down to the vast metropolis of Dexter, MI, so I could see a production of Evil Dead the Musical staged by a local theatre group and performed in a high school.

It. Was. Awesome.

“Blew that bitch away.”

The show still blew me away despite building it up in my head for ten years. The cast was fantastic, we stayed to do a meet and greet after and got my first epic pics! This was also the start of the matching t-shirts. We had impulse-purchased splatter zone t-shirts at the beginning of the show and have a fantastic series of “before “, “intermission”, and “after” photos with varying levels of blood splatter. We sat literally front row centre. I still have the large, decorative lollipop that was handed to me by “Ed”, once he became a demon (after which he promptly sprayed me in the face with blood).

“What the F#%k was that?”

I was hooked and determined we would do this annually, and we have! Every year to celebrate my birthday (which, fortuitously, is on Hallowe’en), we travel somewhere new to see a production. Seeing Evil Dead: the musical has become our yearly road trip destination. Commence the Evil Dead the Musical the Road Trip

“Look who’s evil, now.”

We have seen the “official” touring production of Evil Dead: the Musical several times and also enjoyed many local theatre troupe productions. We’ve met the casts, pre and post-shows, and even stalked them on social media. We were greeted by name when we arrived. Tweeted at during intermission by the cast. We’ve had VIP seats saved for us. I’ve even been presented with a birthday gift! It was a replica of the necklace that Ash gives to Linda. I’ll never take it off as long as I live! (thank you, Deer in The Spotlight – Baltimore)

“We Will Never Die”

Where will we go this Autumn to see Evil Dead the Musical? Follow us on Instagram to find out. 

The video below is from when the Cast of Evil Dead The Musical gave Greg a Shout at the end of one of their shows. We loved meeting the cast of the various productions we have seen.


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