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Anna Mae’s Bakery – traditional Mennonite baking

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Visit Anna Mae’s Bakery & Restaurant

A sweet roguetrip to Millbank, Ontario

The Allure of Rural Communities in Our Travels

As weekend wanderers, we often find ourselves drawn to the quiet corners of the world. The places where time seems to slow down and the pulse of life beats in harmony with nature. These are the rural communities tucked away from bustling cities and tourist hotspots, where authenticity thrives. Here, you often find a hidden gem—a restaurant, bakery, local shops, or activities that make day-tripping extra sweet.


Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Mennonite Life: A Journey into Tradition

When you step into a Mennonite community, you’re not just entering a physical space; Mennonite horse and buggies dot the road ways through PErth Countyyou’re immersing yourself in a way of life that spans centuries. Here, the air smells of freshly tilled earth, and the rhythm of daily existence follows the sun’s arc across open fields. We love visiting these small communities in the rural counties around Ontario. They offer a glimpse into lives shaped by a deep connection to the land and traditions passed down through generations.

Whether we savour homemade pies at a roadside stand, select fresh produce from a farm market, or stop to pet goats in a farmer’s field, these moments remind us that simplicity holds its own magic. So, let’s set forth on our journey, leaving behind the noise of urban life and immersing ourselves in the quiet escape of rural life, where horse-drawn buggies dot the roadways.


Experience the Anna Mae’s Mennonite Culture

In this blog article, we invite you to join us as we explore the not-so-hidden gem in the heart of Milbank, Ontario – Anna Mae’s Bakery and Restaurant. For many Ontario travellers, this place is a road trip destination – and a springboard for exploring more of what Perth County has to offer.

Featured on an episode of “You Gotta Eat Here” several years ago – it brought more people to Anna Mae’s from further reaches of the province (and beyond). People looking to experience their delicious home-cooked meals prepared using traditional recipes – nothing fancy or gourmet – just fresh, well-made meals that taste like home.

Anna Mae’s has a daily rotating meat schedule which includes all the classics, like pork chops, farmers’ sausage, pork roast, roast beef, meatloaf, and more. For our tastes, the good money is on the broasted chicken and Turkey dinner with all the fixings. Whatever you decide, you will not go hungry. Anna Mae’s makes sure of that with huge portions.

Plan your visit by checking out their meat schedule here.


Sweet Roguetrips to Anna Mae’s Bakery

Okay, so the meals are fantastic, that’s for sure. But what you came here for is why Anna Mae’s is a Sweet Rogue Trip destination. Well, in a word – its the pies. The pies, cookies, tarts, squares, muffins, sweet buns, and delicious doughnuts have become massive Instagram favourites. Their butter tarts are also a big hit with many visitors, and come in raisin, coconut, & walnut. They also offer delicious raspberry & cherry tarts.

Did I mention the pies? Anna Mae’s is famous for its pies. Finish your meal with a big slice of one of Anna Mae’s house-made-from-scratch pies and a cup of tea. With so many flavours to choose from, it might be a tough choice, so indulge and have two slices. No one will judge you. They make hundreds of pies daily and use fresh (where possible) ingredients without preservatives.

After you have enjoyed your meal and are well-satiated, visit their bakery. Here, another tough decision lays before you – in the best possible way. Which flavours of pies should you buy to make that Anna Mae’s experience last a little longer at home? They bake 18 + varieties of pies every day, including some seasonal flavours that may be on the menu depending upon when you come. Their rhubarb custard is to die for.


Every Day is Pie Day at Anna Mae’s Bakery

The best pumpkin Pie I have ever had.With so many delicious options for pies, there is something for everyone. I have always been a fan of their Dutch Apple, but one flavour I must shout out is their Pumpkin Pie. My whole life, I have hated pumpkin pie. It never appealed to me. When I tell people I don’t like Pumpkin pie, the typical answer is – “Oh, that’s just because you have never had a good one”. They then proceed to tell me to try theirs – with no success. Until I tried Anna Mae’s pumpkin pie, I didn’t know what I was missing. I finally had a good one – rephrase that – a great one. It is smooth, creamy, light, and delicate, with those warm autumnal seasonings you expect from a good pumpkin pie.

Anna Mae’s pies are a great excuse to get out and make Millbank a perfect Ontario Day Trip destination.

Around Millbank

Anna Mae’s is a family-owned, operated business located in the village of Milbank. About 20 -30 minutes from Stratford, Waterloo, and the village of St Jacobs. Nestled in rural Perth County with its bounty of farms and country life experiences, Millbank has a lot to offer for a day tripper. You will want to visit the fabulous Millbank cheese shop, The Millbank furniture store – which has some exquisite home furnishings, and Zehr’s Country Market is a lovely spot to get fresh produce, meat, and spices. And much more.


A visit to Perth County provides day trippers with a trail of bakeries serving a variety of dessert options. Making this neck of the woods the perfect Sweet Rogue Trip destination. Visit Anna Mae’s Bakery and Restaurant in Millbank as you explore the beauty and bounty of the county and enjoy traditional country cooking and baking. Reserve the Buggy Booth for a truly unique dining experience if you can.


During the pandemic – we ordered take out from Anna Mae’s many times, and enjoyed a family picnic in one of the beautiful parks in Perth County.


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