We love to go on day trips. One of our favourite day trips is to visit different festivals and fairs around Ontario. When there is a butter tart festival, we have to check it out.

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When we attended The Great Canadian Butter Tart Festival in the Paris Fairgrounds in October 2018, this is where I discovered The Baking Twins for the first time.  The festival was very busy, which was quite surprising, and this booth was particularly busy, leading me to think it was worth including in my quest for the best butter tarts.


The pastry of these butter tarts was very thin and crispy like a tortilla bowl, which is not something you often see in a butter tart. It was not very flaky. In fact, it’s crispiness led to it being a bit crunchy, much like the aforementioned tortilla bowl. I was not a huge fan of the crust on this butter tart, but it definitely held the filling in.


I tried the basic tart with raisins, and that is just what I got.  The filling tasted exactly like raisins. In fact, it was an overpowering taste of raisins. The consistency of the filling was thick and gelatinous with no ooze what so ever. It lacked the creamy smooth buttery consistency, with a decadent oozing that I expect from a good butter tart.

Overall Experience:

I found these butter tarts to be a bit of a let-down. Considering they seemed to be quite popular, with a long line at their booth, I was really expecting these tarts to really wow me. Unfortunately, I found they lacked flavour and overall were underwhelming. The crust tasted like it was deep-fried, and the filling tasted like raisin gelatin – both of which are flavours I am not fond of.
I found the filling to be very dry, which may be the reason the crust to filling ratio was off, as well. The crust was just dull and lacked any pizazz.

About the company:

The Baking Twins is an online bakery based in the Niagara Peninsula. They are bakers of custom cakes, cookies, pies, and other sweets made from scratch. They specialize in their custom cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other special events. In full disclosure, the butter tarts that I purchased at the Great Canadian Butter Tart Festival in Paris, did not look like the majority of the ones pictured on their website. So, I recommend when you see them at the next butter tart festival try them for yourself.

The opinions are my own, based on my personal taste preferences & expectations. Your experiences may vary. Based on the line-up at the butter tart festival, these are a very popular butter tart.

The Roguetrippers Butter tart score card for the Baking Twins.
Roguetrippers’ scorecard for The Baking Twins butter tarts.

If you know of a great butter tart baker that we need to check out for our #ButterTartQuest,  please let us know by contacting Roguetrippers. We would love to hear from you.


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