In the quest for the perfect butter tart, I discovered Carla’s Cookie Box while at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival April 7, 2018.

They had a big booth and a display case loaded with butter tarts of various flavours.
Upon first sight, I thought the pastry to filling ratio was not properly balanced, so I kept going. I came back around a second time and I decided to purchase 6 tarts to give them a try. After all, it is not much of a butter tart quest if I am not willing to try. I chose the classic, peanut butter/chocolate chip, Nutella, pecan, caramel, and rocky road in order to get a good idea of the different flavours they had from basic to more elaborate.


I find lard-based crusts are typically greasy, oily, and denser. I also can taste the lard, whereas with shortening it doesn’t create the flavour – it is just there. So, I was pleased to hear that they are shortening with the addition of butter in the crust.

The ratio of pastry to filling was a bit off, by my standards. I prefer a more even crust to filling ratio so that you get the full taste of the butter tart in every bite. I do not care for biting into just crust. The larger tarts had an increased crust to filling ratio, which was disappointing.
The crust was tasty – flaky and light, just as I like. The butter is the key to the taste in this pastry- it creates a nice flavour.


Classic: this is your basic butter tart with or without raisins – my preference is without. This is the tart that sets the tone for everything they do.
The filling was sweet, but not overly sweet. It had a great buttery flavour and just the right amount of gooey-ness. The thickness of the filling is crucial to the enjoyment of the tart – too runny, it’s a big mess, too thick and the experience is just not as elevated. Carla’s had a nice gooey filling which oozes out very slowly, so you have time to enjoy it all without it dripping down your arm.

Others: I enjoyed all of the other flavours. The fillings were good, and flavours well-represented. Of the flavours I ordered, I would give top marks to the caramel tart. It had the perfect level of butter tart filling and caramel – not too much caramel to overpower the butter tart, and enough caramel to get some in every bite.

Overall Experience:

These are really good tarts. Make no mistake, I thoroughly enjoyed them. My biggest concerns are that there is too much crust to filling ratio, and while the filling was good – I just missed that special ‘oomph’ that I look for when I eat a butter tart. Something that really WOWs me. The crust had a great taste that was not overpowering. It enhanced the overall experience and did not distract from it.

Carla's Cookie Box butter tarts in a variety of delicious flavours like pecan, peanut butter chocolate, caramel.

Carla's Cookie Box butter tarts have a delicious and sweet filling with the right amount of oozing.

Carla's Cookie Box butter tart display at the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival, and annual festival in Elmira, Ontario.


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