Getting Bitten on Locke Street

In recent years, the city of Hamilton Ontario has experienced a food renaissance of sorts. The culinary and gastronomy scene in Hamilton has grown from just ho-hum, to become a real hotbed of amazing restaurants, bars, breweries, and of course, bakeries. Whether you are a local Hamiltonian or just a visitor to the city, eventually you will make your way to the area of Locke Street South, which has definitely been at the forefront of this rebirth.

“Built by Hamilton. Crafted by Community”

In this approximately 10 block section of town, that runs from Main St to Aberdeen, you will discover a quirky and vibrant community filled with many great businesses. There are upscale restaurants, trendy eateries, coffee houses, and many unique stores to do some great shopping. This is where you will find Bitten Bakery, the purveyors of gourmet cupcakes, whoopie pies, and butter tarts.

Bitten Bakery is a cute little bake shop located in a converted old century home. When you walk in, it is bright and vibrant, and you immediately will see the display case full of gorgeous cupcakes in an array of amazing flavours. Off to the side are racks and racks of packages of butter tarts in packs of plain, raisin, and pecan, or a combination of all 3.

Cupcakes and Whoopie pies on display.When we walked in, there was a lady who was purchasing cupcakes, and she advised me that these are the ‘best butter tarts she has ever had”. We purchased a 6 pack, some cupcakes, and a whoopie pie, so we could sample a little of everything they are known for. The butter tarts, like all of their baked goods, are beautiful. They put a lot of attention to detail in everything they make to ensure they are pleasing to the eyes.



The crust was fairly flaky, light, and crumbly. The thickness was good, and it held the filling in nicely. The pastry is made with lard, which in this case made it taste a bit greasy and detracted from the overall experience of the butter tart. It was well-baked with a light golden colour.


The filling has the type of appearance that I look for in a butter tart, with a good crust to filling ratio. It has a very smooth consistency with a decadent buttery texture. The filling was thick enough to stay inside the tart, but just enough ooze to give that gooey drip that makes a good butter tart.

Overall Experience:

Unfortunately, our experience with this butter tart was rather disappointing. While there are some positive attributes to this butter tart, there were some weird tastes that detracted from the overall experience. There was a vinegary-tasting note to the tart that made it taste more sour than sweet. This was very unpleasant, and there was also a subtle note of a burnt caramel taste as well. This made for a negative experience while eating these butter tarts.

I do recommend that if you are in Hamilton, that you visit Bitten Bakery and try them for yourself. They have a beautiful little bake shop with friendly staff, and their cupcakes and whoopie pies are phenomenal. As I am confident that they do not intend to sell sour butter tarts, I am sure this was a one-time issue. I intend to try them again and update this review as needed.

Bitten Bakery Butter Tart Score CardYou can find Bitten Bakery at 216 Locke St. S in Hamilton.

Do you think you know where the best butter tarts are? Let us know, and we will check them out on a future road trip for our Butter Tart Quest.


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